Design Process

Greenmantle Gardens’ design work is drawn to scale and coloured by hand. Our priority is always to think about high-quality workmanship. We bring a powerful aesthetic impact, easy-care planting schemes, and attention to detail.

Design drawings normally include elements of hard and soft-landscaping. These are individually chosen to be compatible with existing structures, and the surrounding landscape. We design your planting for all year round interest, and often it is naturalistic in style.

A good garden design can be considered a way of linking property or buildings to the wider setting. We create flowing gardens, coordinating styles and maintaining privacy.

A great design for a garden features both formal and informal areas. Perhaps you want a hidden feature to surprise the garden visitor! Higher-maintenance areas in the design tend to be closer to the house. Areas with less traffic ‘fade’ into wilder foliage as the garden recedes. We are also passionate about helping you to encourage wildlife into your garden, and support increased biodiversity through strategic planting and sustainable ecological design.

‘Zoning’ means that we can include designated areas for wildlife, children, garden-produce, entertaining, contemplation, and so on. It’s our job to help inter-link or even over-lap these areas according to your needs and the space available.

We can offer instant gardens, but we find that the greatest rewards come from working closely with clients. We help you to understand garden-making as an evolving process. The team is happy to make several visits while you decide on what approach will suit you. Greenmantle Gardens also happily provide ongoing consultation and development as your garden grows.

Tending to the garden throughout the seasons can be a joy for the owner. However if your life-style doesn’t permit, then on-going maintenance is extremely important in keeping your garden looking it’s best. We can help you budget your needs as part of the over-all scheme.