Design Process

Our approach

Whilst we like to keep abreast of current trends, we embrace the timeless quality and classic appeal of all great garden design. Included in our sensitive response to your requirements are planting schemes to enhance bio-diversity, paired with contrasting hard landscaping, often as a subtle mixture of wood, metal and stone. We consider fences, furniture and lighting as an integral and fundamental part of the design, which allows you to delight in sharing your outdoor space with family and friends.

Creating the plan

Greenmantle Gardens’ design work is drawn to scale and coloured by hand, bringing a totally bespoke and original feel to your project. We are also able to generate digital files and construction drawings to share with architects, builders and other professionals, if that's part of the design brief. Design drawings normally include elements of hard and soft-landscaping. These are individually chosen to be compatible with existing structures, including the vernacular style of the property, and the surrounding landscape.

A garden for all seasons

We design your planting for all year round interest. People often think of flowers alone when they think of favourite plants, however we like to consider stunning bark, bulbs and berries, leaf shape and texture, wildlife habitat and growing edible produce as part of our design ethos. We like to constrast the clean lines of a tightly clipped hedge with relaxed naturalistic planting...

Plants are essential

We shouldn’t under-estimate the value to wildlife provided by the mosaic of gardens up and down the country... Plants are food source and habitat for wild creatures, and it is so rewarding to see bees buzzing around on a new planting scheme. Our plans are tailored to your garden - the aspect, exposure, soil type and depth are all factored in. We choose disease resistant, often drought-tolerant plants, many of which have garnered the RHS award of garden merit. We also consider colour, growth rate, habit and form, flowering period, scent and provenance in selecting suitable plant material for the garden, and often like to find a sunny corner for growing herbs, or a larger space for raised vegetable beds. Did you know you can grow flowers and vegetables together in the French Potager style?

An integrated outdoor space

Not only show casing your lifestyle, a well-designed garden integrates many functions. We use ‘Zoning’ for delineating spaces for entertaining, play, relaxation, encouraging wildlife, growing produce, storage and so on. It’s our job to help inter-link or even over-lap these areas according to your needs and the space available. A great design also links a property to the wider environment by screening and enhancing chosen views. We create flowing gardens, that combine formal and informal areas, coordinating styles and maintaining privacy. Higher-maintenance parts of the design tend to be closer to the house. Areas with less traffic ‘fade’ into a slightly wilder style as the garden recedes.

Make room for Art

Gardens are perfect places to indulge in many art forms : sculpture, mural art, mosaics, even theatre and music performance ... With Greenmantle Gardens every element in the design is considered on its aesthetic merit as well as for it's durability and provenance before earning a place in the garden.

All our gardens are unique

We can offer instant gardens, but we find that the greatest rewards come from working closely with clients over time. We help you to understand garden-making as an evolving process. The best gardens contain hidden features, and can't all be taken in at one glance, encouraging a desire for exploration in the owner and visitor alike. It's important to consider your maintenance needs as part of the over-all budget for the garden..We are happy to provide a maintenance schedule or indeed maintenance tutorials, should you wish. If we are close at hand, we may even come back to help perform routine maintenance tasks ourselves, should you wish.