Design Drawings

All my designs are hand drawn. I find this gives me the best opportunity for reflection and creativity. I trained at Bicton College, and with Mike Lin, a landscape Architect based in the states who helped me to perfect the rendering technique for my drawings.

Designing requires a period of intense concentration while the ideas and solutions to various tensions or issues on the site are resolved. It is also a time when I work with what I have discovered whilst visiting your garden. The spirit of the place, your aspirations as clients, and my capacity to harness all that the site provides. We consider the way the wind might make grasses or trees move, the reflection of sky on water, the way light catches shadows on a wall.

The drawings are to scale, and normally in full colour, although black and white are also available if you are on a budget. Normally we source the footprint of your home from the local planning office, complete with the garden boundaries marked on the plan. This avoids the need for a costly survey to be undertaken. The drawings also serve as an elegant reminder you of the process of designing your garden. They are also a fantastic resource for basing any future developments on.