Garden Restoration

“Greenmantle Gardens started working in my garden about 3 years ago. It extends to about 2.5 acres and was laid out and planted by my mother more than 3 decades ago. She was a very accomplished, passionate, amateur gardener and designer. The restoration consisted of several large shrub borders, 2 ponds, and a woodland area. It also featured 2 ‘sunken garden’ sections situated close to the house.

Sadly, I had allowed the garden to get overgrown and fall into neglect. The first job I assigned Francoise was to mark all the trees that needed felling as part of a thinning regime.

After the tree surgeon and stump grinder had been, Francoise then set about restoring order by judiciously pruning the retained specimens. The team removed encroaching thickets of brambles, nettles and dock. Then they worked carefully and consistently to restore my mother’s vision back to life. Latterly we have embarked on a replanting phase. This involved filling gaps with shrubs and grasses., We followed Francoise’s excellent recommendations to extend the season of interest in the garden.

Currently I am enjoying the first flush of hundreds of bulbs planted by the team during the autumn. These include hyacinths, alliums, tulips, bluebells, and more! Greenmantle Garden Design are about to embark on another early spring planting spree. This will include hydrangeas, clematis to grow through some of the smaller trees, and candelabra primulas around the meandering stream feeding the beautiful feature pond.

I was at a bit of a loss before Fran came along, Her enthusiasm and expertise have turned what felt like an overwhelming chore into a labour of love…and what’s more we have preserved and enhanced my mother and father’s legacy for present and future generations to enjoy…”
Jonathon Potts