The Garden as Sanctuary

At Greenmantle Gardens, we believe that making a garden is one of the most rewarding things you are ever likely to do. Watching it mature over the years, and enjoying immersing yourself in the colours, textures and scents makes this place your sanctuary. A healing garden takes this a step further, designing the space to inspire tranquillity and peace.

healing garden treeSince time immemorial there have been sacred groves, secret walled gardens, places of peace and reverence … spaces for contemplation and renewal. We approach each healing garden in this spirit. For me the Earth and all of Creation are Sacred. When Greenmantle Gardens make a garden alongside you and various artisans and contractors, it is a poem, a hymn to the Sacredness of Life. We choose special elements to fit with your template. We select harmonious materials. Maybe we place something in your healing garden that has a symbolic resonance or meaning for you. We choose plants that will not only delight the senses, but also oxygenate the air and provide food for birds, and pollen and nectar for insects.

Creating a healing garden is a careful and timeless process. All of this expresses our wish to mend and honour the web of life. Scientific research has demonstrated that a healing garden has proven therapeutic properties. In 2007 the Royal Society published this, from the research of Ulrich:

‘Post-surgical patients whose hospital windows overlooked trees rather than a brick wall recovered faster and required less pain relief… A range of well-bieng measures responds positively to green space availability; including general health, social interaction, mental fatigue and opportunities for reflection’

A healing garden has a proven positive influence on children, reducing symptoms such as ADHD, and promoting curiosity and care for the natural world. The opportunity for playing outdoors should be one that is available to every child.

It is our profound privilege to work with any client group who has a special requirement to create a healing garden with a restorative intention. Whether it be for a hospital, school, or a memorial garden, all gardens have this power. We look forward to enhancing any space with you that will be available for the enjoyment of the public, or a special client group.