After-Care and Maintenance

Part of the strength of the Greenmantle ethos is our involvement from start to finish in the projects we undertake, ensuring your completed garden stays in shape year after year.

Unless you care for the garden yourself, maintenance needs to be considered in the overall budget for your project. Greenmantle Gardens can advise on cost effective plans to help you cater for the needs of your garden.

A garden needs regular maintenance if it is to retain it’s beauty as it evolves over time. Whether it's a complete overhaul, or routine tasks, our team is happy to provide a bespoke service to suit your needs.

Judicious pruning, weeding, mulching, lawn care, watering, feeding and transplanting are all essential maintenance in a thriving garden. Maintaining can be about editing as well as adding to existing planting.

Greenmantle Gardens are very happy to demonstrate to you some of the regular tasks that need to be carried out, and can also produce a maintenance schedule if required.

Depending on your location, and the work to be carried out, maintenance rates vary between £15 and £22 p/hour. We have to charge a premium for our travel expenses.

Before / After maintenance work pictures: