Garden Maintenance

A garden needs regular on-going maintenance if it is to retain it’s beauty as it evolves over time.

Greenmantle Gardens provide a wide variety of full or partial maintenance services for your garden. Have we designed your garden, and you want us to carry out regular ongoing maintenance of it?

Or do you just feel that your garden needs some urgent tidying up? Our team is happy to provide a bespoke service to suit your needs.

Judicious pruning, weeding, mulching, watering, feeding and transplanting are all essential maintenance in a thriving garden. That doesn’t mean we will cut everything back to within an inch of it’s life though!

Maintaining is a kind of editing process from which Greenmantle Gardens have developed a good eye for, over the 20 years of experience.

Just a tidy up and restoring the clean lines can make a huge difference.

Pressure washing of surfaces can make things look refreshed and revived

Greenmantle Gardens are very happy to demonstrate to you some of the regular tasks that need to be carried out, and can also produce a maintenance schedule if required.

The maintenance rate is £16 per hour, £18 for Exeter to cover travel expenses, or other travel surcharges can be discussed.

Just a tidy up and restoring the clean lines can make a huge difference. We have all the specialist equipment required to do all professional maintaining tasks.

Unless you care for the garden yourself, maintenance needs to be considered in the overall budget for your project. Greenmantle Gardens can advise on cost effective plans to help you understand the needs of your garden.