Project Management

Once the design has been approved, the build phase can begin. Either Francoise or Mathieu can be on site regularly to ensure the contractor is building the design as per our specifications.

Works may include the demolition and dismantling of existing structures and excavation to create level changes before the installation of new features...

Planting always comes last. We can take care of ordering quality plants from our trade suppliers. A scheme takes time to mature, although it’s surprising how much herbaceous perennials can grow in the first year. Trees and shrubs take a bit longer, however, these can be bought as semi-mature specimens if the budget permits, giving instant structure to the planting plan. Depending on the scale of the planting, we either carry this out ourselves, or with the help of contractors.

Part of the strength of the Greenmantle ethos is our involvement from start ot finish in the projects we undertake. We can even arrange for, or undertake some of the routine aftercare ourselves. We always enjoy passing on our skills and expertise to clients.