Published in SGD Autumn Review

This review article reports on The Conference of the Society of Garden Designers met last November to answer the question: ‘What are gardens for?’ From the 4 very different presentations, we heard answers that were personal, political and even metaphysical!

The first speaker has been based in California for the last 15 years where he has a thriving practice…perhaps not surprising when you consider that Bernard Trainor has completed 4 academic landscape and design programmes.

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Published in Cranbourne Garden Publisher

This article explores how Australia leads the way in combining slick design with ethical choices.

The latest phase of the Gardens opened only a few months ago in October 2012 and showcases exclusively Australian natives to outstanding effect. The whole is encompassed in a world class garden, characterised by a robust modern design template by landscape architects Taylor, Cullity, Lethlean, and landscape detailing carried out to the highest standards. Article featured in topical local magazine.

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Review of Spring Conference of the SGD 2011

In this review article, The society of Garden Designers Conference on the 16th of April 2011 hosted 4 inspirational designers. The article explores the different idiosyncratic approaches, each immersed in the related disciplines of landscape architecture, garden design and indeed architecture itself, as expression of a deeply felt creative impulse.

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Published in Devon Life

In this article Francoise Elvin describes the creation of a space designed to reinforce mankind’s place in the grand scheme of things. Featured in the popular lifestyle magazine Devon Life.

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Gardening for Wildlife and the Planet

In this article Francoise Elvin describes the ethos and practice of designing ecologically sound gardens that are sustainable and support biodiversity. From ‘wilding’ techniques and insect management, to compost cultivating pond life, discover an insight into this approach to nature at home.

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